For sewing lessons with Haus of Vining, sewing tools and project supplies will be required to participate and complete your project.

Haus of Vining provides basic classroom Sewing Tool Kits that can be used while in the studio for your lesson (free of charge), but if you plan on doing any of your own sewing at home and do not have tools, you have the option of purchasing a fully assembled tool kit for your own personal use. Click the link below to add a tool kit to your lesson booking.

Your tool kit will be given to you in person at the start of your lesson. 



Haus of Vining offers you the option of sewing with your own personal machine if you already own one, or using one of our classroom machines, (great if you do not own a machine, or have difficulty transporting yours). The classroom machines can be used for lessons at the Haus of Vining Sewing Studio, or brought to you if having the lessons in your own home. Our classroom machines are BabyLock Rachels - known for their reliability and extremely simple and user-friendly digital features. 

For advanced students working on more complex projects, Haus of Vining also has a hybrid industrial straight stitch and an 8-thread serger with overlock and coverstitch functions that are available to be used as needed.

PERSONAL MACHINE: If you are using your own personal machine, be sure to have your power cord, foot control, needles, bobbins, and any other necessary accessories on hand. 

CLASSROOM MACHINE: If you will be using our classroom machines, you will be responsible for purchasing your own needles and bobbin, which are available to purchase online prior to your lesson at the links above, or in person during your lesson. 


For any project-based lessons, you will be responsible for providing your own project supplies, which includes sewing patterns, fabric, thread, and all other required notions for your project.

If going through the standard Beginning Sewing Courses, Haus of Vining offers in-house made sewing patterns available for purchase prior to or during your lesson. 

For other course paths or more individualized projects, you will need to purchase your own patterns from another source prior to your lesson. 

If taking a Machine Skills lesson for a machine you have recently purchased, (which is focused on learning the basics of machine operation and does not involve completing a project), no project supplies are necessary. Simply have your sewing machine and all included accessories ready to go at your lesson.

Please be sure to have a consultation with instructor Ivy prior to your first lesson to discuss sewing goals and project options so that you may arrive as prepared as possible. E-mail to plan out your lesson. If you would like to receive a phone call to discuss further, please be sure to provide your phone number and the best days/time to call.