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AlvaForm (Sizes 2-14) Pant Pattern Blocks / Slopers - Trouser & Slack Double Set (PRINTED PATTERN)

AlvaForm (Sizes 2-14) Pant Pattern Blocks / Slopers - Trouser & Slack Double Set (PRINTED PATTERN)

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AlvaForm (Sizes 2-14) Pant Pattern Blocks / Slopers - Trouser & Slack Double Set (PRINTED PATTERN) For Fashion Design Students and Professionals

THIS LISTING IS FOR A FULL SIZE PRINTED PATTERN. Pattern is printed on high quality 36" wide plotter paper, carefully folded and mailed to you in a padded shipping envelope. For a digital download of this same item, click here: AlvaForm (Sizes 2-14) Pant Pattern Blocks / Slopers - Trouser & Slack Double Set (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Known for their accurate fit created using real life body data, AlvaForm dress forms are a widely popular choice among fashion design institutional programs and professionals. While typically an expensive investment, the AlvaForm fit can now be achieved through these custom-made blocks/slopers.

These Pant blocks / slopers were drafted for and fitted on a genuine AlvaForm dress form, size 8, Model 2005. The base size 8 was then graded up and down to create the full 2-14 size run of the AlvaForm Standard Global series. All sizes are included in this printout, shown as a graded nest that is color-coded and number labeled for each size. **If you would like a printout of a single size only, OR individual printouts of all sizes (not layered), please send me a message and we can arrange a custom order.

These Pant blocks come to you as a DOUBLE SET, containing two different classic fit variations: 2-Dart Trousers, and 1-Dart Slacks. Please refer to the listing photos for descriptions and visuals of each.

A note on fit: Please observe the photos of the AlvaForm dress form proportions and review the measurement chart for perspective on the fit of this brand of dress form. AlvaForm is the best choice when the wearer has a "curvier" figure with a fuller/more shapely rear end, and a slightly back-tilted pelvis. If drafting for figures with flatter/less full rear ends and a forward tilting pelvis, be sure to check out my WolfForm Pant Blocks listing here: Wolf Form (Sizes 4-18) Pant Pattern Blocks / Slopers - Trouser & Slack Double Set (PRINTED PATTERN)

These are pattern blocks / slopers meant to be used as templates by experienced pattern makers. They are NOT completed sewing patterns, and therefore DO NOT HAVE SEAM ALLOWANCES. Blocks include standard minimum wearing ease, and are made for woven fabrics with 0% stretch. See included measurement charts for exact measurements of finished garment with ease, and corresponding body/dress form size measurements.

Please note that dress form size numbers do not typically correspond with standard ready-to-wear sizing when purchasing clothing. You will want to refer to the included measurement chart to ensure proper size selection.

Front Trouser - 2 Dart
Back Trouser - 2 Dart
Front Slack - 1 Dart
Back Slack - 1 Dart

Included in your purchase:
-Full size printed pattern
-Printed Pattern Info/Measurement Chart
-Printed Manila Transfer Instructions


This product is NOT an actual dress form. It is a flat pattern set created to be used for flat pattern drafting, (creating original designs from a base pattern).

This is not an official product of AlvaForm. It is a product created by Haus of Vining with measurements that will fit this brand of dress form, to be used as a tool in conjunction with this brand of dress form.

This product is for personal/individual use only, and is not to be duplicated, reproduced, or redistributed in any way.

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